British History Basics – reference books

A good reference book forms the backbone for studying history ...

We started with a run through British history and have really appreciated the chronological backbone this has given us for our current world history.

A good reference book forms the backbone for studying history, not only do they provide information but they also provide a starting point from which to branch out in search of other books, Youtube videos, documentaries and crafts.

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Our favourite British History reference book is:

British History: From the First Human Inhabitants to the New Millennium

Philip Steele and Fiona McDonald, Published by Miles Kelly

This book has beautiful illustrations, and the text reads and flows well, so that it can be read aloud. The text is concise, and evocative, managing to bring the important facts to life.

It has a smaller format that many of the history reference books and we find that helps keep the amount of information on the page to a manageable amount.

Each of the seven eras starts with a chart to show what is happening in other parts of the world at the over the same time. It ends with mini biographies of important historical figures.

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I would really love to hear about your favourite British History reference book.
Which one do you use and what do you like about it?