My favourite gadget

I have to confess to a terrible vice, that I have now got under control with the help of my favourite gadget!

I love Coca-Cola.

It may not seem so terrible to many, but as someone who tries hard to buy ethically being hooked on the product of one of the world’s biggest multi-national companies with a less than perfect human rights record is a bit embarrassing.
I love the taste, and the sugar and caffeine provide me with my last ditch pick me up. It is practically the only drink you can buy in a corner shop, other than water, that doesn’t taste of artificial sweetener – Yuk!
In the past no other drink substituted – I could tell if it wasn’t the real thing as soon as I drank some – and actually even that is wasn’t made in the right country – French Coca-Cola tastes different (just not right), but German tastes like the British stuff.

So what does any of this have to do with a my favourite gadget?

I found that grapefruit juice and soda works wonders. For some reason I get the same kick out of it as Coca-Cola but without the palpitations, bad temper and sleeplessness! For several years I spent a fortune on bottled soda water, and frequently went shopping just for soda water, only to find the local shop had run out. Then it hit me – just make your own!
I bought a Soda Stream for my birthday a couple of years ago.
As time as gone by – I’ve practically ditched the grapefruit too, and a drop of lemon and fizzy water refreshes me.
So I always keep a bottle of soda water in the fridge and my favourite gadget close at hand.
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