Not back to school picnic

With the shops full of ‘back to school’ bargains, Home Educating families in Hertfordshire are joining together for a ‘Not Back to School’ picnic in St. Albans.
Across the country picnics are being organised for families to meet with old friends and make new ones, dispelling the myth that home educated children do not get a chance to socialise. This will also be a chance for families new to home education to find out about the many activities that run in the county. As well as various one off events, regular groups give children the chance to take part in sports, music, art, craft, science, history as well as making new friends. Getting together with other home educating families also gives parents the chance to network and share tips and ideas.
Hundreds of children in the county are educated ‘otherwise than at school’ be it in a structured school at home setting, or a more ‘free-range’ autonomous approach.
The gatherings also are hoping to show that Home Educating families are part of the wider community, we would welcome anybody wishing to find out more about Home Education to come along and join in the fun.
The St. Albans picnic will take place in Verulamium Park on Tuesday 15th September between 12:30pm and 3pm.

To show solidarity with similar events across the country that week, there will be a mass bubble-blowing at 2pm, as a peaceful protest against the new restrictions on Home Education proposed in the Badman report recently presented to the government.