Watford bans parents from adventure playgrounds

Completely typical of the current climate where parents are all assumed to be abusers.
We have been meaning to go, but now it is out of the question. E has clearly said that she won’t go unless she knows that I am there – not necessarily with her, but available if necessary.
This Government’s policies seem determined to undermine family life at every step. With the vetting and barring, banning parents from looking after each others children, and plans to interview home educated children as young as 5 alone (up until now reserved for abuse victims or those suspected of crimes).
Please, please, please – give some support to families. Parents and children must be encouraged to spend time playing together.
Young children and those with special needs especially need parental help settling in somewhere new. Parents need to be able to see how their children are getting on in a new environment before leaving them. It should be up to children to say if and when they want to be left alone.