Why I love babywearing

Babywearing is one of the most empowering things about being a mum for me. Carrying first Erin and now Tara in a sling has allowed me to do things with a baby that I would probably otherwise have found too overwhelming. From the everyday shopping trips, to a stress-free two day music festival with an eight week old!

When I was pregnant I read Deborah Jackson’s book Baby Wisdom (now out of print) which starts with a look at the modern baby equipment list and just how numerous our expected ‘essentials’ have become. I wanted a simpler approach and combined with my biologist’s belief in the appropriateness of keeping your baby close I chose to forego the travel system and bought myself a ring sling instead. So began my love affair with babywearing and baby carriers – the pleasure of carrying my child, the beauty of many of the carriers themselves and the community spirit amongst babywearers has left a lasting impression on me and my life.

I found an incredible freedom in being able to go anywhere, anytime without worrying about lugging around a pushchair, or finding somewhere to breastfeed. It has made negotiating public toilets, escalators and stairs, and rough ground no different to how it was before I had a baby. I have even been able to breastfeed hands-free whilst paying for my shopping in the supermarket!

The most wonderful part has been the sharing each moment with my girls. With my baby in my arms I have found that I am never alone, there is always someone right by me to talk to, listen to, or watch the world go by with.