Benefits of Babywearing



The closeness between carer and child in a sling helps bonding. You get to know each other and learn to communicate.
Grandparents, dads, and other family and carers can all carry the baby, developing their own special relationship.

For baby and toddler …

Less stress

Babies are soothed by movement and personal contact. From the safety of the sling they can determine their own levels of interaction with the world.

Regulates systems

Contact with an adult helps newborns regulate their temperature, breathing, and heartbeat.


You can breastfeed discretely in a carrier.

Physical development

The movement associated with being carried develops babies’ balance and muscles.


A carried newborn can see your face, and gets more experience of language, facial expressions and body language.

Cry less

Babies who are carried and responded to quicker have been found to cry less.

Stimulates learning

Carried babies spend more time in the quiet alert state required for learning. A babe-in-arms can observe the
world. Touch, has been found to stimulate the growth of brain cells.

For you …

Freedom of movement

A baby carrier gives you greater freedom to move around than a pram or pushchair. Easy to move up stairs and through small spaces, making shopping, public toilets, and public transport easier.

Reduced postnatal depression

The physical closeness and a happier baby can also help mothers suffering from postnatal depression.

Hands free

A baby carrier can give you back your hands, allowing you to get on with the things you want to do.


A well chosen baby carrier distributes your child’s weight, allowing you to carry them for longer periods at a time, and as they get heavier. Most carriers are suitable up to 16kgs, 3 or 4 years.


A baby carrier makes taking exercise easier. The associated health benefits are numerous and include promoting bone density to protect against osteoporosis, reducing risk of heart disease and boosting the immune system.