Abraham Hannibal

“My name is Abraham, and my father is a noble lord of Africa”


Abraham Hannibal and the Raiders of the Sands 

by Frances Mary Somers Cocks

Abraham Hannibal and the Battle for the Throne

by Frances Mary Somers Cocks

“My name is Abraham, and my father is a noble lord of Africa”
Based on a true story, these two books tell the adventures of a young boy’s travels in the 1700s.
Aimed somewhere between the Sparks and My Story series reading level, the straightforward, accessible style belies the depth of detail, and geographically breadth. It is well written and very different to anything else we have come across – with plenty to keep adults enthralled too.
Uniquely covering people and places seldom touched upon in literature.
Accompanied by intricate black and white illustrations, the vivid descriptions give fascinating glimpses of a multitude of people, cultures and faiths, all bound up in an exciting, and touching adventure story.
A story of mixed fortunes, loss, bravery, slavery and determination.
Raiders of the Sands
Follows Abraham’s journey from Christian Ethiopia, to Arabia and the Mediterranean, inspired by tales of tribal Africa and the French court of the Sun King.
Battle for the Throne
Abraham continues his journey to the palace of the Ottoman Sultan and beyond, on to the cold north of Peter the Great’s Russia and war with Sweden.