Stone Age – Children’s Historical fiction

Historical fiction is a great way of finding out more about history. This list includes some great picture books and novels for young adults.

Historical fiction is a great way of finding out more about history. This list includes some great picture books and novels for young adults.


Stone Age Boy

This historical fiction picture book is a great introduction to archaeology and stone age people for younger children – for us it is the one essential book on the subject.

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Historical Fiction

Mini reviews of the ones we have read:

Picture Books

  • The First Dog (Reading Rainbow) by Jan Brett
    Another beautiful picture book – Stone age boy Kip encounters Paleowolf. Paleowolf would like some of his food, but Kip doesn’t want to share. But they are not alone, and Kip soon finds out that having a wolf for a friend has advantages. A lovely look at how the first dog might have been welcomed into our lives. The artwork not only tells the story, but gives clues as to what is happening next and the page borders are filled with pictures of stone age artefacts.


  • Minnow and the Bear by Benedict Blathwayt
    A good picture book for a child that loves visual elements and tiny details, but disappointing as stone age historical fiction. Full review …
  • Adventures in the Ice Age (Good Times Travel Agency) by Linda Bailey
    Comic book time travelling adventures. This entertaining series takes modern day children back in time. We have found this a really approachable way to learn about the stone age.
  • The First Drawing by Mordicai Gerstein
    Who drew the first cave art? A picture book imagining how the Palaeolithic world might have inspired a boy to create the first cave art.
    Vibrant and lively illustrations.

Chapter books

  • Wolf Brother: Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Book 1 by Michelle Paver
    Book 1 of Chronicles of Ancient Darkness  (9+)
    Torak’s father is killed by a giant, possessed bear and he must find new friends and family and save the clans. Very detailed descriptions of stone age life in Northern Europe, particularly strong on natural history and animals of the time. It touches on fantasy as it brings the mages and belief in magic of these people to life. Although an enjoyable read even as an adult, the six book series feels as though something is lacking in the writing or pace of the books.

Older children/Young Adult

  • 11, 000 Years Lost (Amulet) by Peni R Griffin
    Young adult fiction. A modern Texan girl Ester discovers an 11,000 year old spearhead. Her fascination with the people who made it leads to her time travelling into the past. Adopted by a group of mammoth hunters, who are an interesting mix of characters she must learn how to survive in a very different world. What was life like as a mammoth hunter, can they find food, and survive? Will Ester ever find her way home? A really good read.

More children’s historical fiction set in the stone age (we haven’t read these yet)


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Do you have any comments on these or any other historical fiction set in the stone age?