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Children's historical fiction set in the British bronze age ...

Historical fiction is a great way of finding out more about history.
But some places and times are harder to find books on than others. Where as there is lots of historical fiction for children on the stone age which could be set in the British Isles, I have found very few books on bronze age Britain, and nothing for younger children.

Both of the books featured examine the possible impact of the introduction of objects of new metals on a community.

Mini reviews of the ones we have read:

  • boybronzeaxeThe Boy with the Bronze Axe by Kathleen Fidler
    Kali and Brockan live in the village of Skara Brae on Orkney.  Their’s is a stone age way of life, but when a boy with a bronze axe is washed ashore everything changes.
    This is a good read, which despite its age doesn’t seem stilted. The story vividly depicts stone age life on Skara Brae and wrestles with the issues that arise when new technologies and ideas are introduced.
    It is a more approachable read than Warrior Scarlet.
  • warrior scarletWarrior Scarlet by Rosemary Sutcliff
    Drem is born with a withered arm. Follow his story as he faces the obstacles this poses for him in proving himself and becoming a warrior. Will he be able to overcome his disability?
    A story of friendship, persistence, and harsh realities.
    Rosemary Sutcliff’s descriptive, more complex style makes this book a harder read than The Boy with the Bronze Axe.

 More children’s historical fiction set in the bronze age (we haven’t read these yet)

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Do you have any comments on these or any other historical fiction set in the bronze age?