Kangaroo care reduces newborn deaths by more than 50 percent

New Research Shows “Kangaroo Mother Care” Reduces Newborn Deaths More than 50 Percent, Proven to be More Effective than Incubators for Stable Preterm Babies.

A new meta-analysis led by Dr. Joy Lawn of Save the Children, and published in International Journal of Epidemiology found a 51 percent reduction in newborn mortality when stabilized babies weighing less than four pounds (2,000 gm) received warmth and breast milk through continuous skin-to-skin contact on the chest of their mothers – kangaroo care.

This makes it one of the most highly effective ways to give more babies the chance to survive and thrive. Not only is it simple and low cost, vital in less affluent counties but it also it is incredibly empowering for new parents making it equally important in more affluent countries too.

A recent documentary Invisible Lives show its benefits in Malawi where it is widely practiced.

Save the Children Press Release