Top ten ideas for things to do with photos

image In the age of digital cameras it is so easy to take lots of photos, but never see them again as they hide away on your computer hard drive. This is even more so as parents—the urge to capture our children on camera can lead to thousands of pictures that we seldom look at.

So here are some ideas on how to make the most of your photos and ensure that you and everyone else gets to see and appreciate them. Alternatively go to a professional studio that will let you buy the photos from your session and use those.

1. Print them online
Upload your photos and order prints at one of the many photo-printing sites and get your prints delivered to you in the post.

2. Share them online
Upload your photos to a photo-sharing site and you can invite friends and families to see them or share them publically with the community on the website to get feedback on your photography.
Some sites do slideshows or online montages too.

3. Display them in a digital frame
Upload photos onto a digital photo frame and you get an ever changing image to look at. Quality of frames vary so you’ll need to do some research first to get the best frame for your money.

4. Give photo gifts
You can get your photos on to a wide range of gifts, in high street or online photo-printing stores, or charity shops.

5. Frame them and hang them
And don’t forget the traditional—get your prints enlarged and framed, and fill up those picture frames with snap shots of your loved ones.

6. Get arty with a canvas
Get your photos printed onto canvas for maximum impact. Maybe with special effects to make it look like pop art or an oil painting. Or how about a trendy acrylic print—with your photo appearing to float inside a sandwich of acrylic.

7. Scrapbook them
Combine your photos, with stories, patterned papers and embellishments to create a scrapbook. Get started with scrapbook kits available for high street and craft stores.

8. Create your own postage stamps
Pick your favourite photo and turn it into a Smilers® postage stamp at Gives the personal touch to your letters and invitations.

9. Get the children involved
Kids love photos too. Create their very own book of photos of family and favourite things. Either make your own or use the Whoozit photo album from For older children cut out photos and
stick them to lollipop sticks for your own personalised puppets.

10. Create a Photobook of memories
Create a glossy book of photos online at one of the photo printing websites to mark the year, or to mark special occasions.

A few of our favourite websites — Store and share your photos— Raise money for the NCT with photo gifts — Software and website. Organise, edit, store,
and share photos — Store, share, print and buy gifts — Store, share, print and buy gifts in Australia